Lewisburg Country Club Mission Statement 
The mission of Next Shot Management  is to provide an excellent golf experience while at the same time promoting fellowship and camaraderie among its membership and guests.
This mission will be accomplished by
retaining our identity as a true golf club, welcoming those who share our core values of a challenging course with playing conditions that are not congested and having modest facilities,
making our club enjoyable, accessible and affordable for our members, their families and guests. 
The Lewisburg Country Club will consistently promote the game of golf
and be a responsible member of the community
Membership Options

Choose Membership at Lewisburg Elks Country Club

Thank you for your interest in joining us as a new or returning member. Each year, people's interest in golf grows.

A golf membership is the ideal way to be introduced to the game and to have the most opportunities to play. Find a membership package that fits your style and budget.

Once you've played our golf course at The Lewisburg Elks CC, you're going to want to return again and again to conquer this shot-maker's course with its challenging holes. And a full golfing membership at our club is one of the best ways to guarantee that you'll be visiting often.

 At The Lewisburg Elks CC you’ll be able to improve your game and meet new friends who share your passion for golf. And you'll be able to join in competitions and leagues where you'll soon be collecting trophies.

Perhaps you've thought about a club membership before but thought it was out of your price range. But once you've heard about the opportunities at the Lewisburg Elks CC, you'll change your mind. We have a variety of membership plans available -- plans designed for either families or individuals.

For the 2018 season membership prices are as follows

 Individual membership ($85 per month or $950 Annual Tax not included) Membership offers, for an individual unlimited golf, member discounts in the golf shop and lessons, 2 complementary guest passes and 2 complementary carts.

Family Membership ($119 per month or $1300 Annual Tax not included) Membership offers a family within the household unlimited golf, discount in golf shop and lessons, 4 complementary guest passes and 4 complementary carts.

Individual Young Professional ( $85 per month or $900 Annual Tax Not Included ) Membership offers a Young Professional 40 and younger unlimited golf , discounts in the golf shop and lessons.

Family Young Professional ( $108  per month or $1100 Annual ) Membership offers a Young Professional Family  in the household, whose primary member is 40 years old or less unlimited golf, discounts in the shop and lessons.

Senior Membership Annual fee is $850.00 Plus Tax

Members of the Lewisburg Elks Lodge will recieve $100 discount if paid in full by March 31st 

Beyond the recreational opportunities, you will also want to take the social plunge and join in on our mixers and holiday parties. We help create traditions for the whole family on Mother's and Father's Day, Halloween, Labor Day and many more important dates.

This is a club that appeals to families, couples and individuals of all ages. It's a place where you can find a game or leisure activity in all seasons of the year, where you can meet new friends who love the sports that you love and where your children can enjoy all kinds of recreation in a great environment. And all of it is available to you at remarkably affordable prices.

During the 2018 golfing season, The Lewisburg Elks Country Club will host member clinic nights. These clinics will be complementary to golf club members and members can enjoy state of the art technology like trackman to help them understand thier golf swing. In addition to member clinic nights we will also host evening putting games,  night golf, Drive in Movie Nights, Skins Games, Inter Club Matches with area golf clubs, West Virginia First Tee Program for the kids and much more.

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