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Web Sessions - $50.00 for a series of 5
Our professionals will help you understand your game more fully, helping you apply your own unique swing to every phase of the game. Send a video of you covering your long and short irons, wedge and sand shots, trouble shots, chipping, or putting and we will provide you with a detailed plan so you can enjoy a great game for a lifetime. Students in our Web Academy will have access to their own personal swing library. You can watch your collection of videos anywhere. Swings will be stored in your own personalized locker on our website/

Regardless of your level, age or experience our Swing Sync web sessions can take your game to an entirely new level. It's a level based on understanding your own unique swing. As Butch Harmon says "Many people play golf, but few truly understand it."

Contact Information:

Roy Painter
Cell 304.661.0874
Email:  roypainter@lewisburgelkscc.com