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Swing Sync Lesson Program

The Lewisburg Elks and Swing Sync instructors use sophisticated digital video analysis in their one-on-one teaching sessions. They will work with you on every aspect of the swing to improve power, accuracy and consistency. The short game of chipping, pitching, sand shots and putting is strongly emphasized to help everyone lower their scores. To develop a complete player, all the mental aspects and course management skills are emphasized with every golfer as well.
As a student progresses through their 5 specialized training, our staff instructs them on how to understand what their swing is doing by analyzing the ball flight which is really the cornerstone to becoming your own best teacher. Each student learns how to practice, how to play the golf course, how to analyze your game to find the areas that need the most improvement, and most importantly how to think and act like a champion.

Student's can enjoy their own personalized locker on our website to review their golf lessons. This will allow them to view their swing anytime they want.  Also during this series Swing Sync will check their equipment to ensure that their lofts and lies are correct.

This package is a series of 5 Lessons that include
Swing Sync webinars personalized for you
Club Fitting - Shafts, Loft, Lies etc
Personalized Swing Locker